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We are hiring

      Montessori Plus International is a small-scale, top-quality, diverse and bilingual (English & Mandarin Chinese) pre-K school/childcare center serving children 3-6 years old. We are seeking like-minded professionals who share our passion for early-childhood education. Our hope is to find a long-term team member who will share the lifestyle and professional journey with us at the school we value and love whole heartedly.

You may be a great fit to us if you:

  1. consider Early Childhood Education as a career, not merely a job.

  2. LOVE, RESPECT, and BELIEVE in EACH child. – This has to be shown in everyday practice.

  3. are confident and experienced in coaching social emotional skills and using positive guidance. If you are not confident and experienced, but have the right temperament (positive, patient, kind, understanding, in tune with children, not easily stressed) for working with children and are genuinely eager to learn the best practice, we are willing to consider you as a candidate.

  4. have a Montessori teaching certificate and are experienced in teaching the Montessori curriculum. (If you have an Early Childhood Education degree and are willing to pursue a Montessori teaching certificate, we are open to consider you as a candidate. For the right candidate, we are willing to invest in your Montessori education.)

  5. have 2+ years of experience working with children in a licensed childcare facility or school OR a degree in early childhood education or a related field.

  6. have the ability to take direction from the MPI director and work respectfully and cooperatively with all team members.

  7. have strong work ethics, are reliable and responsible.


What you may get from working with us:

  1. Competitive pay with benefits.

  2. A positive, pleasant, warm, supportive, and professional work environment.

  3. A great school community.

  4. Opportunities to keep growing professionally.  


Positions available:

Part-time or full-time. If you fit in terms of teaching philosophy and practice, professional standards and ethics, we are willing to figure out a schedule that works best for you. If you do not have a Montessori teaching certificate, but are a good fit otherwise, you may start as an assistant teacher, with the goal of becoming a lead teacher within a couple of years after completion of Montessori Training.  (The school can financially support your Montessori training.)

There will be a 3 month probation period.


Other requirements:

  1. First Aid/CPR certification prior to working with MPI children. (We can help you get certified if you don't have it.)

  2. Willingness to follow a training plan to complete licensing requirements & STARS to Quality requirements in a timely manner. (Training hours will be paid).


If interested, please submit a resume/CV and 2 references by email.

As our goal is to find a great fit to our program without an urgent need to fill a vacancy, starting time of this position is flexible.

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