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MPI-Cold Springs

Starting Service in March 2024

Capacity: up to 15 children     Ratio: 1:8 or less      Age group: Mixed age 0-5up to 5 children younger than 2.5 years old 

Philosophy & Curriculum

  • Similar to our MPI school that has been providing high-quality service to families since 2015. A child-centered approach, a combination of Montessori & emergent curriculum, a focus on social emotional learning featuring Conscious Discipline & Pyramid Model teaching practices, and an emphasis on whole-child development, cultural diversity and inclusion will all be consistent. 


  •  Program operating time: tentatively set at M-F 8 - 5. (Depending on needs from families, we are open to making adjustments.)

Opening date

  • The earliest date we are allowed to move in the classroom is March 1; the earliest date we are allowed to start providing service is March 11. We plan to have an open house on March 8 and start operation on March 25 or April 1. 

  • The above mentioned dates may change as we go. We will update it here.

Director: Dr. River Yang

  • Montana's Highest Professional Level (Level 10) Early Care & Education Practitioner

  • Early Childhood Education Trainer (Professional Development Specialist III)

  • Ph.D., College of Health and Human Development, the Pennsylvania State University 

  • International Montessori Teaching Diplomas: Preschool/Kindergarten; Lower Elementary

  • A life-long learner

Teacher: Ms. Maria

  • Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education

  • Extensive experience working with children (from infants to elementary ages) since 2003 

  • Experience in preschool/child center administration

  • Enjoys family life and cherishes moments with husband, son, and daughter

  • Loves skiing and scenic hikes with family; enjoys literature, podcasts, and the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

  • Has a profound belief in the partnership between parents and educators

If you are interested in joining the waitlist at MPI-Cold Springs, you can start by 

If the tour times don't work for you, you can send us a message on the tour booking website to let us know your availabilities. 

We are excited about the new program! 

We are working hard to get the program off to a great start. More information will come later. Thank you for your patience! 

We Wish You Well

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